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People Are Asking Where To Buy The Ds Game I Got The Full Answer For You

Ds Game Cheats

You can purchase the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Collector’s Edition at the Disney Store online for 35 dollars Or Toys “R” Us Stores. It comes with the Collector’s Edition of Elite Penguin Force, the code to unlock the command room online, a certificate for 2500 coins, and an Elite Penguin Force stylus to use while playing the game.

You can read more about this game at the Disney Store.

-Lil Maney

On Elite Penguin Force, you can complete in up to 13 missions. In many of these missions, Rsnail can be seen in Gary’s room. Here is a picture of Rsnail’s logo in Gary’s room:


Do you guys remember Rsnail? He’s one of the founders of Club Penguin, and also is a member of the Club Penguin team like Billybob and Screenhog. Were you around when Rocketsnail was? If so, was it fun? Let me know!

In Elite Penguin Force, there are Penguin Agents. Gary is on Elite Penguin Force too! Here is what the Headquarters looks like:


Pretty cool right? Do you have Elite Penguin Force?

To have completed all of Elite Penguin Force, you will need to beat all of the missions. After that, you will have to achieve some other requirements. Here is the complete list of requirements.

Completing 100% Requirements:

Snow Boarding:

50 for King of the Mountain Silver Medal.
100 for King of the Mountain Gold Medal.

Cart Surfing:

100 for Rail Kahuna Silver Medal.
150 for Rail Kahuna Gold Medal.

Ice Fishing:

Get squid to suck up chest for Golden Chest Medal.
Get fish to use as bait for mullet to get Golden Mullet Medal.

Jet Pack Adventure:

130 for Rocket Ace Silver Medal.
150 for Rocket Ace Gold Medal.

Dance Challenge:

80 for Night Club Fever Silver Medal.
120 for Night Club Fever Gold Medal.

Snow Trekker:

200 for Snow Trekker Rocket Medal.
260 for Snow Trekker Lightning Medal.

You will have to complete the requirement before time runs out. Have you beaten 100% of Elite Penguin Force?